MILO: 1, 2, 3… Let’s play!

At Charlie Crane, we’re all about creating stylish items that enhance your family life. We are pleased to unveil our newest piece: the MILO playset.



MILO looks like a rainbow made up of three semi-circles. This new playmate can be transformed into a swing, a small sofa or a mountain to be stacked and climbed. Unless your children prefer to form a tunnel or a shelter. When it comes to storage, the three cushions stack up nicely. 















​​This game can be used as a children’s board or a rocking horse to stimulate balance and strength. With its elegant design and three colours, MILO is a great addition to your interior design.

The MILO toy is designed for children from 9 months. It is made in France in our partner workshop in Charente-Maritime and each cushion is made of high density foam covered with organic cotton.



We have designed MILO in three soft and subtle colours to match your interior: Farrow, Rosewood or Camel.

MILO is like a rainbow with its colourful rays. When a ray is used alone, it turns into a half moon and takes our children to a starry sky. Ready for take-off?

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The Charlie Crane Team