Baby’s first times: what to expect and how to remember

Life with a baby is punctuated by many firsts. Discover your baby’s milestones, from birth to first birthday.


Your baby’s first times

First smile, first tooth, first steps… life with a baby is punctuated by many first times. To cherish these precious moments, we have published a series of milestone cards. Let’s review all the first times that await you with your baby.


From 1 or 2 months: first smile and first laughter

Here is a first that promises a lot of emotion: smiles and laughter! As early as 1 or 2 months, your little one imitates you when he sees your smile. This is an emotional stage, synonymous with learning for your baby who imitates you. This mirror reflex will lead to real smiles. What about laughter? It appears around the 4 months of your child.

From 3 months: baby is sleeping through the night…or not!

It is common to hear that babies go through the night around 3ᵉ or 4ᵉ months. Okay, that’s the theory… If your child is not yet going around the clock, don’t panic, it’s normal. In fact, a full night’s sleep for a baby equals 5 hours of sleep. Want to know more? We explain how babies sleep in this article. Either way, you’re going to enjoy your first night and hope it’s the first of many.


From 6 months: the first tooth

The first tooth, or rather the first two bottom teeth – they usually grow together – is also a milestone for parents who see their baby grow (too) fast. And we’re not even talking about the first tooth that falls out!


From 6 months: the first compote

As your baby grows, it’s finally time to start diversifying his diet. Milk bottles will soon give way to more solid foods. As you lovingly buy your carrots, apples (or applesauce) ready to be processed, you can already imagine your baby discovering these new tastes!

Entre 6 et 12 mois : le premier « papa » ou « maman »

Les premiers sons apparaissent entre 6 et 8 mois. Le babillage est une étape importante dans son apprentissage des phonèmes. Aidez-le à développer son langage en lui parlant ou en chantant.  Qui n’a jamais entrainé son bébé à répéter Papa ou Maman ? Alors, quand on l’entend enfin prononcer ces mots magiques, quelle joie ! 


From 6-7 months: baby sits up

Is your baby sitting up on his own? What a big step! It’s time to put him in his high chair for meals and family time.


Between 10 and 18 months: the first steps

It all starts with attempts… hesitant, clumsy steps, little falls, encouragement and laughter. Then, the big surprise when your baby takes his first steps. An intense emotion synonymous with… tidying up and arranging the house!


12 months: the first birthday

Your baby is not quite aware of this event, but organizing his first birthday is an opportunity to celebrate your family! Remember, a year ago, you were giving birth to your baby (little tear). So get out the balloons, the little pointy hats and celebrate how far you’ve come. Turn your eyes to the future, and all those other new things to come.

Milestone cards to immortalize your memories

To mark those first times, we’ve put together a series of milestone cards for babies. Discover 24 original cards that will help you commemorate your baby’s life, from birth to first birthday. A great way to capture the memories and celebrate the milestones of your baby’s first year.


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