New: the KUKO cozy moses basket is in bloom🌼

Our KUKO moses basket is now available in quilted Pia et Prisca, dtwo soft floral prints that will bring warmth and tenderness to your little ones.



Hello Prisca

Small romantic flowers bloom on our bassinet. Find a green foliage and its red flowers which plunge us in a fairy tale. The Prisca pattern is designed like a children’s book illustration.




Welcome Pia

Our Pia is a pretty quilted fabric. For even more softness, we imagined a flight of flowers, like a light breath that comes to rock your baby. Pia is in yellow tones, these petals evoke daisies dancing in the wind.


Why you will love the Charlie Crane moses basket

The KUKO is the first bed for newborns. The cocoon design and secure that will accompany the nights and naps of the first months. You will love its small and reassuring size, which can be slipped in anywhere. Thanks to its two handles, the KUKO is also mobile. It can be carried around the house, but it can also be taken on the road! Its ultra-elegant wooden base is very round.


Find the KUKO moses basketand its different versions on our e-shop.


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