Charlie Crane x Modetrotter: this season’s most grahou collection ! 🐆

When a children’s designer meets an ultra-creative fashion brand, the result is a line of children’s furniture that is 100% grahou. We are pleased to present our new exclusive collaboration with Modetrotter. For this occasion, Marie Courroy, founder of Modetrotter, and Thomas Lépine, founder of Charlie Crane, tell us about this beautiful collaboration.

How did you get the idea and the desire to work together?

Thomas Lépine: We have been offering textile collaborations on our iconic products for several years now, notably the LEVO bouncer. We have collaborated with several brands that we love, mainly from the world of maternity and early childhood, such as Louise Misha, Lucas du Tertre, Rose in April or Garbo & Friends… But this year, we really wanted to get off the beaten track by going towards more adult brands, in decoration or in fashion. The girls on the team are fans of Modetrotter and immediately mentioned this brand during our brainstorming sessions at the office.

Marie Courroy: This is a brand that I was already looking forward to when I was pregnant. I dreamed of having one of their deckchairs for my daughter. It was done, and since then, it’s a brand that I sincerely love. When Marie, Charlie Crane’s Communication Manager, suggested that we do something together, I said “yes” spontaneously.

How did the meeting between Modetrotter and Charlie Crane happen?

Thomas Lépine: It turns out that we had already offered Marie Courroy small chairs for her children so we were in touch on Instagram. We launched the idea of a collaboration on a Friday evening, at 18:40. At 6:45 pm, she answered that she was in (see our Instagram exchange)!


What were your desires in imagining this collaboration?

Marie Courroy: I wanted a print that wasn’t too “namby-pamby”, not too babyish. A print I could wear, with a little touch of fluorescent for fun. Something that would be beautiful to look at. We chose leopard! Animal print always works. I wanted it dressed up with a touch of fluorescent orange, because it’s very Modetrotter. I wanted a print that was different from the usual Charlie Crane collections.

Thomas Lépine: We proposed to Marie two options: leopard or fluorescent, in a 80’s spirit. She knew how to combine the two with her usual talent! We love the result, both elegant, passe-partout and undeniably sharp.















What other home decor items should you pair the Modetrotter X Charlie Crane collaboration with?

Marie Courroy: In the kids room, I have a Pierre Frey wallpaper that I love. I love the mix of prints in the kids’ rooms, leopard and patterned wallpaper for the little ones. I love Les doudous obviously with Jelly Cat which are the best, or Big Stuffed. I love giant stuffed animals, they are my childhood memories.

Thomas Lépine: An orange TOGO sofa of course! And why not a smoked glass coffee table on a fluffy white shag carpet.


What do you like about Modetrotter and Charlie Crane?

Thomas Lépine: The inspirations linked to travel. Shootings in the four corners of the world… Modetrotter is a wardrobe that we want to wear for a dinner with friends in Paris, a roadtrip in the USA, a vacation in Cap Ferret or with friends in Bamako.

Marie Courroy: I love their bouncer, their wall mounted changing table, and I’m discovering their toddler bed which my daughter recently adopted. I have also used their baby rocker and have two adorable little chairs. I love the timelessness of their products. They are simple, effective and beautiful.


By the way, Marie, how did you and your partner Edouard choose the names of your children?

Marie Courroy: I absolutely wanted a girl with the name Java. Edward had another name in mind, and neither of them would give up. We ended up drawing lots and… I won! For Robinson, I had a flash and a crush on this name. It was really like a flash on my way back from the market one day, it just came to me. And Édouard, who didn’t really have an idea in mind, said yes right away.














How old are your children today? Do they use Charlie Crane products on a daily basis?

Marie Courroy: My daughter is 3 1/2 years old. She uses the single bed which she loves. My son is 2 years old and he spends his time relaxing in the rocker, as if it were a chaise longue, with the little comforter on his legs. Very relaxing!


Marie, with Edouard, what would you like to pass on to your children?

Marie Courroy: Kindness, caring for others and loving yourself.


Marie, if you could give one piece of advice to the primiparous woman that you were, the one who never had a child, what would it be?

Marie Courroy: Thank God we can be very happy without offspring!


What is the Proust’s madeleine that takes you back to childhood?

Marie Courroy: The smells. They awaken in me the best memories.

Thomas Lépine: At Charlie, we are most inspired by the children of tomorrow, so we look to the future 😉















Thanks to Marie and Thomas! The collaboration is composed of the LEVO baby rocker, the TOBO high chair cushion, the TAMI playmat and the KUKO moses basket.

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