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Christmas list for new parents 🎄

We have listed the real gifts to give to young parents. Share this list with your friends and family, without moderation!   Christmas: gift ideas for parents…but not only!   As our traditional advent calendar gets ready to kick off on our Instagram account, we’ve listed the real gifts for young parents. Share this list […]

Charlie & Friends : Meeting with Marion aka Fringe and Frange

The mom of three shares her dreams on Instagram. Next up? Moving to Los Angeles with her family! Let’s discover together her inspirations.   Marion Gruber, free motherhood Creative and inspiring, Marion is not only a breath of fresh air in our Instagram feed. The influencer and mom of three confides in us her vision […]

What does the ideal birth kit include?

The arrival of your baby is approaching: it’s time to take care of what you’ll bring to the maternity hospital to welcome him or her. Here are our tips for preparing the birth kit! Only a few weeks left until you meet your baby! Whether you’re the queen or king of organisation or a fan […]

Baby massage: benefits, when and how?

Relaxation, better digestion, parent-child connection, improved sleep… Baby massage has many merits. But then when and how to do it? What should you avoid? Charlie Crane explains it all to you. Namaste!   What are the benefits of a baby massage? There are many of them! Here is the list: Helps develop parent-child attachment bonds […]

Crib, moses basket or evolving bed: which one to choose?

Your baby is due to arrive soon and you’re not sure which bed to choose: cot, bassinet or cot? To guide you, we have listed the advantages of each bed! A baby is small, yes, but it takes up a lot of space! In your heart, in your thoughts, in your home, in your… short… […]

NEW: the KUKO moses basket by Charlie Crane!

You asked for it, we did it! The KUKO bassinet joins our range of beds to make life easier for parents and their babies. The Charlie Crane team, led by Thomas Lépine, tells us how this new product came about.    How did the idea of the moses basket first come about?  This idea had […]

Inspiration: decorating a small baby room

The arrival of a baby often rhymes with change and decoration. Where to put your baby to sleep, how to arrange his room, especially when you have a small flat? Find out about our space-saving solutions!   How to design a small baby’s room? The arrival of a baby often rhymes with upheaval, change and… […]

Mother’s Day: the real gifts to give

Mother’s Day is coming up. Instead of waiting patiently for your gift and being disappointed (wow, a noodle necklace ?), we have prepared our dream wishlist. To be distributed without moderation to those who need it!   In May, we do what we like. Especially since it’s Mother’s Day month! To give your partner some […]