Charlie Crane opens its first store in Paris!

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Charlie Crane is happy to announce the opening of its very first Parisian corner, within the very pretty boutique Natalys and Friends. You can find our whole collection (the famous  LEVO rocker in its many colors, the design highchair TIBU, the best changing table on the market NOGA, the beautiful crib […]

Our list of gifts for the whole family!

December 25th is around the corner and if you haven’t yet wrapped up your gifts yet, here is THE list of our best ideas for all the family members. Find all the tips from the Charlie Crane team to make everyone happy. For her  An expectant mother to fill this Christmas? We have several ideas […]

jeu concours de Noël

Charlie’s hood : let’s go for a month of surprises!

For the 1st time ever this year, Charlie Crane is launching its own Advent Calendar on Instagram! 25 days of gifts and inspirations for the whole family with a selection of our very favorite brands (Tip Toe design, Studio Roméo, Numéro 74, Louise Misha, Lucas du Tertre, Josefina Bags…) from around the world. Until the […]

A table bébé : c’est parti pour la diversification alimentaire !

A partir de quel âge peut-on lui donner des purées ? Quand est-ce qu’on passe aux morceaux ? C’est quoi la DME ? Parfois on a l’impression de devoir passer un CAP Petite Enfance pour s’occuper de son enfant… et encore plus au moment de la diversification alimentaire. Heureusement des pros sont là pour nous […]

Discover our new range of colors!

To gently welcome the little ones, Charlie Crane just launched a brand new range of timeless colors. In a double gauze of an incomparable softness, 3 delicate shades were declined to dress up two iconic products of the collection: the LEVO rocker and the TIBU. FARROW : This unisex colour in organic fabric will stand […]

The 5 best podcasts to listen to this summer

That’s it, the holidays are finally here! If you’re lucky, you will get some time to relax and … listen to podcasts. At Charlie Crane, we are  big fans of this audio format that we listen to in small or large doses, doing nothing but that, tidying the kitchen or breastfeeding baby, it’s how we […]

Inspiration: decorating a small baby room

The arrival of a baby often rhymes with change and decoration. Where to put your baby to sleep, how to arrange his room, especially when you have a small flat? Find out about our space-saving solutions!   How to design a small baby’s room? The arrival of a baby often rhymes with upheaval, change and… […]

Mother’s Day: the real gifts to give

Mother’s Day is coming up. Instead of waiting patiently for your gift and being disappointed (wow, a noodle necklace ?), we have prepared our dream wishlist. To be distributed without moderation to those who need it!   In May, we do what we like. Especially since it’s Mother’s Day month! To give your partner some […]

Understanding and help baby’s sleep

Is my baby getting enough sleep, when will he or she sleep through the night? With Audrey Ndjave, nurse clinician and founder of the Happy Mum&Baby Perinatal Center, we explain everything about baby sleep. Here he is! After nine months of waiting, your dream of holding him in your arms, seeing his little head of […]