How to furnish a small nursery?

The arrival of a baby is often synonymous with upheaval, change and... decoration. Where to put your baby to sleep, how to furnish his or her room? When the family grows, the organization of small apartments quickly turns into an (unpleasant) game of Tetris. Your walls may not be expandable, but the good news is that there are clever solutions and furniture that adapt to small spaces. Discover all our secrets for turning your bedroom into a cosy cocoon.

Secret No. 1: Choose the right furniture 

A crib rather than a cot 

With its small size, the cradle takes up less space than a cot. Beyond the practical aspect, the cocoon format of cradles reassures baby. Another positive feature of the cradle is its rocking motion. This age-old movement reminds baby of his mother's womb. Soothing effect guaranteed. Finally, many parents like to sleep with their baby in the early months. A cradle will slide more easily into your bedroom.

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A wall-mounted changing table

Use the room as a whole, starting with the height of the walls. The wall-mounted changing table can be placed in the baby's room, but also in your bathroom: a water point is always useful. The table closes after use, which also means less mess and more visual comfort. In fact, you can store all your baby's toiletries and care products (swaddles, liniment, changing pads, creams, saline solution, thermometers, etc.) on the shelves provided. Our wall-mounted changing table can carry up to 15 kilos, or around 36 months, the age of potty training. In short, it will be with you from the first to the last day of diapering!

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Shelves for your baby 

Once again, use the height of the walls. To display books, small shoes or pretty objects, think of shelves.

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A multi-tasking playmat 

The floor mat has several uses:

  • Keep your baby off the floor to avoid draughts
  • Gentle wake-up call
  • A reading mat for older children

Its small size slips vertically behind a door, a bed or into a corner after use. A must-have!

Secret #2: Less is more

Whether you have little space or a castle to fit out, our philosophy remains the same: less but better.

In this case, think of your small space as an advantage. It allows you to get back to basics, to purify and declutter. Is that umpteenth eye-catching bauble really necessary? That3rd bedside lamp may be cute, but it's not a must-have on your birth list. By focusing on the essentials, you'll increase your budget for beautiful, long-lasting pieces that can be passed from one child to the next. You'll also have fewer items to store, clean and maintain. In your new life as parents, saving time and, above all, energy will be among your priorities (we've been there!). Avoid accumulation, save your mind and... your feet when you step on that useless toy in the middle of the night. Repeat with us: less is more!

Secret #3: Beautiful objects to display

Last but not least, your child's bedroom won't be the only room to be filled with your baby's belongings. Your living rooms will also be invaded, like your living room and kitchen. Invest in attractive pieces, starting with a beautiful Baby rocker. This key piece of baby furniture is used from birth and accompanies the child for many years to come. With this in mind, we've designed our Baby rocker LEVO. An object as beautiful as the marvel it houses: your baby.

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Other space-saving products we love

  • The lightweight, foldable Yoyo stroller slips into a closet or corner of your home without taking up too much space. It also fits in small elevators, train corridors, planes...
  • The Flexi Bath folds away after bathing. Suitable for children up to 3-4 years. Its cap doubles as a thermometer, and it dries your child on its own. No, we're joking about that last point (sorry)... On the other hand, you can take it with you wherever you go, whether on vacation with grandma or on a weekend trip to Deauville, Biarritz or Marseille (delete as appropriate).