A gift for her 

A pregnant woman to please this Christmas? We've got several ideas for you: a piece from Joli Bump, the designer brand that accompanies women before, during and after pregnancy. We love their leopard leggings, perfect for strutting around the fireside in wild fashion! How about a Lucas du Tertre floral kimono, perfect for hanging out at home or for breastfeeding right from the maternity ward? Speaking of breast-feeding: Alison Cavaille's must-have brand, Tajine Banane, needs no introduction. Now's the time to give moms a treat and pick up a side-zip t-shirt or a dress for breastfeeding everywhere, all the time. And don't forget Minty Wendy necklaces, a great accessory for young moms: easy to wear with everything, they make for serene breastfeeding and soothe baby's teething. Chic and double the fun! 

A gift for him

Kimono Lucas du Tertre

A gift for a baby 

  • Our soft, thick playmat keeps the floor cool and cushions rolling. The icing on the cake: it's 100% made in France.
  • Our Levo baby rocker, with its Naho awakening arch, for a gentle awakening.
  • A soft and beautiful Main Sauvage ethical comforter.
  • A subscription to Popote, the best little organic gourds on the market (we tested it ;). OK, baby won't play with them (although...) but at least he'll always be well fed, even if Mom hates cooking and Dad doesn't have the time. Perfect for voracious babies starting to diversify their diet

A gift for your 3-year-old nephew 

  • Is Junior afraid of the dark? Consider the Rose in April rabbit nightlight, a must for decorating his room and keeping ghosts away.
  • A subscription to Benshi, intelligent and beautiful cartoons selected by age. The Gruffalo, The Little Mole and other cinematic marvels for a change from Patrol (please).
  • A Numero 74 disguise that's too good to be true, offering alternatives to The Snow Queen or Sam the Fireman.

A gift for your 4-year-old cousin

A gift for Grandma

  • A pouch with (very) beautiful motifs by Lucas du Tertre for storing your tablet or computer.
  • A Rosemood photo album with all the pictures of the smala printed on beautiful paper. 

A gift for Grandpa 

  • Time with your grandchildren in the form of a voucher for a weekend to spend with them (okay, it's a bit of a gift for you...).
  • Ultra-chic Angarde x Emoi Emoi slippers for superpapies only!

A gift for the home

Well, the home is entitled to Christmas presents too, isn't it? Pick up a throw for the sofa from Lucas du Tertre, bath towels from La Cerise sur le Gâteau, table linen from Autumn by Moumout. Or a guitoune to build a thousand and one cabins anywhere, anytime with the kids! What is a guitoune? They're Mamie Stella's new nomadic cabanes made in France from organic cotton, an ingenious and aesthetic alternative to makeshift cabanes that aren't always easy or stable to build. They're also ideal for picnics for two, three or more! 

And for those who are overwhelmed or worried about delivery before Christmas: think of the gift card offered by most of the brands mentioned above. You're sure to give the right gift in just a few clicks! Come on, MERRY CHRISTMAS!