2012 -2012

Thomas Lépine, le fondateur de Charlie Crane, the founder of Charlie Crane, and his wife Mathilde Toulot fly to Senegal for a holiday. They are then waiting for their second baby. They head for a hotel on the beach, where cows and a few tourists roam. Every day at breakfast and dinner time, a magnificent bird wanders peacefully between the tables and greets the visitors. It seems at home.
On closer inspection, this majestic mascot with its long legs and sunny crest is a crowned crane. His name? Charlie!


Charlie Crane celebrates its 10th birthday.
A decade that has enabled the growth of this young French brand, which is now a key player in the international childcare market.
On this occasion, Mathilde wrote a tribute to the brand created by her husband.. She then thinks back to their encounter with Charlie the crane in Senegal. Surrounded by Thomas and their three children, she invites a story full of twists and turns and tenderness, which tells the adventures of Charlie - the magic bird that gave them wings.


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