Available in 4 colors(Natural, White, Farrow and Bois de Rose), this new chair features :

  • 10 different positions
  • 2 seats (1 child, 1 adult)
  • 4 footrest positions
  • 3 seat heights
  • 2 backrest depths

All these features make it suitable for all ages, from the moment a child can sit up on his own. Discover the TOBO chair on video!

First a high chair, the TOBO will quickly become a living chair for children, before evolving into an adult version, just as stylish. It can be placed around your dining room table, perfectly matching your décor. Maybe you'll even want to have two, or even four? Whatever the case, we're sure the TOBO will appeal to families who are keen to reconcile their child's comfort and the harmony of their interior with the need to invest in long-lasting pieces.