Is it worth organizing a one-year anniversary?

Of course! Even if your child is still small and doesn't realize everything, he'll still notice the festive atmosphere and the presence of his loved ones, gathered together for him. It's also a special occasion for you, as a parent, and will help you create beautiful memories for your family photo album. 

When should you plan your baby's birthday? 

We advise you to plan this party for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, after naptime. Your child should be well enough to see people, eat a piece of cake, open presents... and play with wrapping paper.

How many people to invite?

You can invite family, friends or parents from the crèche. 

Keep in mind: your child will feel more at ease in a calm atmosphere with people he or she already knows. Your home remains the best place to hold this party, as your child will feel more reassured on familiar ground. From a practical point of view, your home is also ideal, as you'll have your changing table and everything you need for nappy changing close at hand.

Our advice: the aim of this first birthday isn't to organize an amazing party, but to have a successful party with your loved ones, so there's no stress and no crying! 

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Where to find birthday decorations?

When you say party, you say decoration. You can choose a theme (sailor, pirate, magic, animals, circus...) or just a few guiding colors. We've spotted some Pinterest some pretty ideas to inspire you. We've also listed three sites where you can find beautiful decor. Don't forget balloons, which are sure to keep the little ones amused: 

What menu to choose for a birthday party?

Of course, we don't forget the cake, which should be adapted to your child's age. Say bye-bye to hard elements such as nougatine or caramel. Say hello to soft cookies, mousses, compote, little boudoirs... Don't forget the puffing candle, which will fascinate your baby. Include low-sugar drinks for the little ones and a few glasses of champagne for the grown-ups, as well as softs for mums-to-be... Add fruit, compotes and savoury snacks. Beware of sugar and sweets, which are not recommended for toddlers. You're all set.

What kind of entertainment should you plan for a one-year-old baby?

In the meantime, baby will need you and your arms most of all. You can plan rhymes to sing and mime, and little activities such as finger-painting, modeling clay, salt dough and construction games. If you've got the time, you can even hire an animator or babysitter. Perfect for a puppet show! 

What presents to give a one-year-old baby?

Gifts adapted to their 12-18 month age group: wooden toys, stacking towers, construction sets, a carrier, books, a small dinette... Don't hesitate to guide your friends and family so that you don't end up with twelve thousand new comforters. If you're sending an invitation, you can even add a link to some gift ideas. Guests are bound to come with their arms full, so you might as well make it easy for them, while making sure you get what you really want and need. 

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