Hello Manon! Who are you and how did you discover hypnosis?

I am the mother of a 2-year-old girl, Nine. I discovered hypnotherapy after a trapeze accident. My operation and all my rehabilitation were done under hypnosis. The power of the unconscious mind over pain is incredible! I retrained for 18 months and opened my own practice in the South of France.  

How do you become a hypnotherapist for expectant parents?

Once my practice was up and running, I wanted to follow my true passion: perinatal care. I trained with Lise Bartoli. She created HypnoNatal, a specific method to prepare for pregnancy and childbirth. This method is different from its American sister, hypnonaissance, which puts aside pain. I created my method by taking the best of both and drawing inspiration from my own experience of childbirth. 

Who is perinatal hypnosis for?

Parents come looking for serenity, and most are very scared and want to be reassured. Some mothers want a method of preparation for a physiological birth, without anesthesia. In fact, hypnosis is suitable for all types of childbirth, whether natural, with epidural, or Caesarean... My mission is to tell mothers "Yes, childbirth hurts, but you'll get through it. It's useful pain, the most useful of your life, and it's temporary

What can hypnosis do for you? 

Hypnosis provides mental support, effective tools for surviving contractions and keys to better understanding your body. Knowledge is power! For example, if I'm stressed, I'll secrete adrenaline. My uterus will be less oxygenated, so I'll find it hard to contract and I'll be in pain... On the contrary, if I'm calm or tender, my body will produce oxytocin, which will help me. When you know that and know how to apply it, you're reassured.

How do your perinatal hypnosis sessions work? 

I offer packs for expectant parents with videos to train in hypnosis and physiology, audios and support. The audio sessions to prepare for childbirth last 30 minutes. For the maternity ward, there are two types of sounds: 5-minute audios, to be listened to between two contractions, and then 1-minute audios focused on the contraction. Pain has three components: what I've already experienced as pain, what I'm projecting and what's really happening. If you take away a third of projection and a third of the past, the contraction from before, then there's only a third of real pain left! I've even had feedback from midwives, who have listened to the audios in the delivery room and recommend them. Finally, I've set up a What's App group called Village, where moms can get together to support each other. 

Is hypnosis dangerous? 

This myth does us a great disservice. Under hypnosis, no one is coerced. It's a far cry from magic shows that ask you to imitate a chicken! In fact, hypnosis is a state we all experience every day. It's similar to daydreaming. Do you know what it's like to fall asleep? A favorite session is when dad guides mom through a beach visualization exercise. He takes her on a sensory journey. Where are we going, what do we smell, what do we hear... We move forward through our senses. 

What advice do you have for future parents to help them prepare for childbirth? 

You have to be prepared not to have an epidural. Then, close your ears to your girlfriends' tales of childbirth disasters. These stories leave a terrible imprint on our subconscious. My advice to parents is to get trained and include the co-parent! 

What is the role of the father/co-parent in childbirth? 

The father or co-parent is a player in his own right. He can prepare the mother by knowing the different stages. He's no longer confined to waiting in the corner or fainting in the delivery room! I teach co-parents to hypnotize their partner. This creates another dimension between the two of them. We're naked in a state of hypnosis. The other person makes us feel good, and we trust him or her. The benefits are also felt in the post-partum period. Communication flows more smoothly, and the role of the father/co-parent is strengthened.

Do you also offer a post-partum pack?

The post-partum period is very difficult, and families need support! I propose a pack based on the following themes: baby signs, babywearing, baby sleep, food diversification, our identity (life as a couple, new identity as parents), dealing with fatigue. Always with explanatory videos and hypnosis audios. 

We love following your tips and videos on Instagram!

Thank you! Covid, pregnancy and then postpartum prompted me to launch an Instagram account and my online method to reach the most people online. On Instagram, I have a lot of fun and a real community that asks questions and needs answers. 

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