Only you know your child

You carried this child, you brought him into this world. You've been taking care of him since before he was born (9 months of pregnancy without touching a glass of wine counts! ). You scrutinize him, you anticipate his reactions, you know or will get to know his cries. In short, if there were world championships dedicated to your Junior, you'd be gold medallist and nobody else. 

To each his own

swaddles can be changed in many different ways. And it's the same for everything. Your method isn't worse than another parent's or your partner's, it's just different. Stop comparing yourself and be yourself.

You're already doing your best

Between mental and physical fatigue, work and life itself, you're running right and left. As a result, you feel as if you're doing everything by halves and are never in the right place. Don't be so hard on yourself. Look at yourself as you would a friend, without judgment, but with kindness and empathy. 

Take care of yourself

Easier said than done, we agree. But taking time out for yourself (playing sports, seeing friends, going for a walk, drawing, chilling out...) will help you to step back and be in a good mood to face up to doubt. 

Lower your expectations

Cleaning not done? Is Junior wearing a stained shirt? You'll survive and so will he. Review your priorities. A walk in the park will be more effective than vacuuming. And don't rely on everything you see on Instagram. 

You have the right to make a mistake

It's a little trite, but so true. Mistakes, even parental ones, give us clues as to the right path to take. Repeat after us, "Cool, I made a mistake, I learned something". And long live letting go.

Look how far we've come

Flashback to when you came home from the maternity ward with your baby in your arms. All of a sudden, panic set in. You cried out, "What have we done? You've come a long way since then! Be proud of the steps you've already taken. You've done it, you've found solutions and you're going to keep on doing it. 

Love and milk

Your child doesn't need perfection. Can you imagine the pressure when he grows up? How can he live up to his great parents? In the end, you're doing him a favor. The truth is, children need love and security. 

Call for help  

Self-confidence is also confidence in others. So when you can't take it anymore, call for help. Your family, your partner, your friends, a babysitter... You're not Shiva.

Your child, your choices

Sometimes, through the eyes of others (family or friends), you can feel disapproval. A little secret: the only person you need to please with your choices is yourself. In fact, as you can see from point number 1, you're the only one who knows your child and his or her needs inside out. Not your parents, not your parents-in-law, not your friends. 


The Charlie Crane team