Louise Misha

Take a dose of flowers, an incredible desire to escape, and you get Louise Misha style. Marie Pidancet, the brand's founder, describes her universe: "Louise Misha is joy, color, open-mindedness, curiosity, an inordinate taste for travel and... lots and lots of sweetness." We love the delicate little dresses and blouses, the profusion of embroidery, the shimmering colors and the quality of the pieces. At Charlie Crane, we've even done a collaboration with the brand!

> The style: vintage bohemian chic


Studio Bohème

In the timeless and ethical fashion department, I ask for Studio Bohème. This French brand imagines ultra-cosy pieces for everyday life. A little retro bloomer, second-skin leggings, well-cut bodysuits, jumpsuits that allow the little ones to remain free in their movements... The wardrobe is almost mixed, the patterns are inspired by nature and the colors are particularly elaborate. Not surprising, since the brand's founder, Kim Le Thé, has long worked in the world of cosmetics. Today, Studio Bohème even offers mother-child matchy-matchy looks. 

> The style: bohemian and cosy from 0 to 10 years old


Bobo Choses

The Spanish trendsetter has been inventing baby clothes for many years. His style is instantly recognizable, with colorful, arty motifs. Shy to abstain (although...), dreamy children welcome! For babies, we also love the quality of the organic pieces, which, wash after wash, don't budge. Clothes are easily passed from one child to the next. Bobo Choses has been melting us for a long time.  

> Style: colorful arty 



The poetry of Moumout' patterns is bewitching. The French brand has created a small wardrobe dedicated to 0-2 year olds, fashioned in soft organic materials. The motifs are drawn in fine, sensitive strokes. The pieces are practical, like a bib sweatshirt. The brand also offers honeycomb tops, comfortable jogging pants, blouses, a knitted sweater... The collection focuses on the basics you really need. No superfluity or fuss. 

> Style: retro dreamer 



Organic Zoo

This is the story of Polina, growing up in Communist Poland. Encouraged by their parents, she and her sisters escape from their difficult daily lives into an imaginary world of colorful, joyful play. From this childhood, she kept the pleasure of simple things and a great love for nature. Organic Zoo is the fruit of her imagination. A well-stocked wardrobe of fashionable clothes. Terrazzo patterns rub shoulders with crescent moons, olive branches and mouth-watering apples. You'll love it.

> Style: a large wardrobe for a small person


Emoi Emoi

Emoi émoi is the brand that puts declarations of love at the heart of its creations. Its other thing is family in the broadest sense: babies, children, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts... and even friends! If you've got a message to get across, arm your baby with an Emoi Emoi t-shirt - he'll be your best ambassador. The plus? The brand also loves the planet and places ethics at the heart of its manufacturing process. Pieces are made from natural, organic or recycled materials. 

> Style: fashion with a message for ages 0 to 99


Quincy Mae

Head to California to discover this fashion in old-fashioned colors. Designer Kelly Murray is an illustrator and mother of three. Quincy Mae is a tribute to her latest addition. The collection complements her other children's clothing line, Rylee + Cru. You'll love the softness of the patterns (stripes, little flowers, gingham...), the harmonious tones and the retro air of the baby crushes.

> The style: bohemian


The Little Things

Melissa and her sidekick Dame Fafa lovingly create poetic clothing for toddlers. Beautiful illustrations, slogans that make you smile... Childhood is a great source of inspiration. The collections are "limited editions", made in Portugal from organic or natural materials. The brand has a brand-new concept: an auditory collection. The characters featured on the clothes are also the heroes of stories to be listened to!

> Style: po-ethical wardrobe for 0-7 year olds


Rose in April

Behind Rose in April is Élodie, joined by her sister Eugénie. The siblings create pretty home decor and a collection of essentials for minis. You'll find pyjamas, bloomers, knitted cardigans and accessories in natural materials. Our love for this brand led to a collaboration you can find here

> Style: timeless essentials



Emile & Ida

Through her creations, Delphine Paperniek wants to bring a happy childhood to those who wear her fashion. With her memories and her high standards, the designer invents a poetic collection. Emile et Ida combines aesthetics, ecology and quality for babies and adults alike. You'll love the retro dresses, patterned t-shirts, layette... 

> Style: sensitive creation for happy children


Other brands to know: Petit Bateau, Konges Sloejd, Garbo & Friends, Liewood, Gamin Gamine, Bonjour Little, Tajine Banane...

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