Why will Charlie Crane fans love our collaboration?

Charlie Crane has chosen our Brigitte gingham pattern. Gingham checks are timeless and wise. The gingham pattern is therefore perfect for a child's bedroom, providing a lovely, soft touch of elegance.

Secondly, this gingham pattern has a modern twist, making it suitable for little ones... who'll grow up! The pattern was first worked in ink to obtain a soft, watery look. The superimposed stripes typical of gingham became transparent, lighter and more subtle. To create this pattern, we preferred to work freehand, without a guide, to achieve spontaneous, discreet and natural irregularities.

Your wallpaper is available for pre-order. Why do you offer this system? 

We don't have any stock! This has been Mues Design's policy from the outset. First of all, it allows us to release whatever we want - we don't restrict ourselves, we can satisfy more people. Secondly, there's no stock, no unsold stock, and therefore... no waste! You'll have to wait 2 to 3 weeks to receive your Charlie Crane X Mues Design wallpaper, but it will be of high quality and its impact on the planet will remain limited.

Why is it important to create a beautiful bedroom for your children?

We all have in mind a wallpaper, curtain or comforter pattern that accompanied us throughout our childhood. The bedroom is an important part of a child's development! While decorating a baby's room may be a matter of course for some, even before pregnancy, it can be a real headache for others...


What are your recommendations for beautiful nursery decor? 

Parents often want decor that is both pretty and timeless. Gingham ticks all these boxes. We also generally recommend the stripes of our wallpapers Auguste and Ernest and the gradations of our Séraphine or ranges. Yvonne. Light, simple floral patterns are also a good option, like our Côme, Thelma, Izia, Octave or even Clémence, Raphaëlle and Louise

Are you for or against color in a nursery? 

Don't be afraid of color, because a little goes a long way when it comes to giving a room a cheerful, playful look. This can be in an alcove, behind shelves, above a base... When you're at a loss, the easiest way is always to start with a first element already selected: a cradle, a chair, a plaid... and then find the right combinations. 


Now, let's talk about lighting. What are your tips?

It's important to consider the light in the room too. Colors that are too cool are less suited to interiors with little light. Furthermore, we never recommend ceiling lights, which are often too cold and gaudy; small, low, subdued light sources, when sufficient in number, are much prettier and just as effective!

How did Mues Design come about?

Melissa: The Mues Design brand was born almost 10 years ago. I was just coming out of my first professional experiences as a graphic designer. Not only did I want to start my own business, but I also wanted to be able to create freely. It was in partnership with another person that I created Mues Design. The first collections we launched were very well received. However, we decided to put an end to our partnership, as we had different visions... I decided to continue the adventure with my sister Valentine. Her communications background (among other things) was perfect for continuing to develop Mues Design.

Valentine : I was living abroad when I joined the adventure! This forced us to adopt a method, to plan everything... so we had a good working basis right from the start! I was living far from my family at the time, and Mues Design enabled me to have a daily link with my little sister. Mélissa has always been very creative. The idea of working with her was really exciting! Like Mélissa, I've always loved decorating. Our mother was an ornamentalist and our father a cabinetmaker, so we've always been immersed in all styles and eras.


Before being a partner, you are first and foremost a sister. Is it easy to work as a family? 

Mélissa : I'm finding that it's pleasant and rewarding! Day-to-day life is pretty straightforward, and we really trust each other. Our partnerships are an excellent way of temporarily bringing a third party into the adventure and getting our noses out of what we already know and master.

Valentine: I never thought I'd be working with my family, and yet it's become my main driving force! I get a lot of joy from sharing our successes, and a lot of clarity from facing challenges together. Communication is easy and immediate. We don't filter our moods as much as when we work with "normal" colleagues. We tell each other everything, right away, and that can end up in an argument! But it's also very effective, and as a family, we always forgive each other! It's also easier to work with someone who shares the same values and references. The risk would be not to be able to disconnect, even at a family lunch...

Thanks to Mélissa and Valentine for their time.



By the way, what is non-woven wallpaper? Non-woven wallpaper is stronger and more resistant than woven wallpaper. It's easier to handle and harder to tear. 

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