Back-to-school is an exciting time for young parents and their children. With the prospect of your baby taking his or her first steps in the crèche, at the childminder's or in the nursery, you're torn between stress and excitement. The big day is approaching, and our back-to-school survival guide is here to help you through this exciting adventure. Back-to-school survival guide for young parents. From back-to-school preparations to managing the first few days, discover how to create an environment conducive to learning and your child's well-being... and yours.

Return to a normal rhythm

Ah, the vacations, that time-space gap where even schedules are forgotten. Late bedtimes, staggered lunches, approximate naps... In order to establish a routine and get some rest before September rolls around again, stagger your day by 15 minutes until you're back on your normal schedule, especially for bedtime. Finally, for the first few days, don't hesitate to put your baby to bed earlier, because the crèche, like school or the nanny, is tiring. We've even heard of babies who, when they leave the crèche, are worn out and... need a little nap.

Take the time

Whether it's adapting to the nursery or the childminder, you're sure to have set aside some time for this. Our advice? Don't underestimate the start of kindergarten either. Once again, if you can, take the day off so that you can accompany your child calmly in the morning, without stress. Repeat the process on leaving school, and Junior will be happy to see you again... and you too! Let's go for the first evening tunnel of the school year.

Arrange childcare

An exceptional meeting, a stalled train, your 6 p.m. yoga session... Who will pick up your child this evening? Plan ahead for a babysitter, a trusted neighbor, your family, a big brother... even for the unexpected.

Read back-to-school books

Reading is like music: it softens hearts. Prepare for the big day and let Junior know what's in store for him, with great stories to read before going to sleep. Here are a few books to add to your library:

  • À ce soir, by Jeanne Ashbé
  • T'choupi goes back to school.
  • Maman à l'école, by Éric Veillé and Pauline Martini

In addition, explain to your child what to expect and how his or her days will unfold, and stay positive in your support as he or she embarks on this first school year.


Prepare your belongings

The day before, prepare the baby's belongings and backpack, including a change of clothes, a comforter, a diaper with your scent, and a transitional object. For older children starting school and in the early years, the watchword is learning to be independent. Provide clothes that are easy to remove (forget suspenders, belts and overalls...), show them how to wash their hands, put on their shoes or coat... Obviously, your child will be assisted by the ATSEM at school, but the idea is to teach them to do things on their own, little by little. What's more, we've spotted a little game to help them learn morning and evening routines at home. Another step towards independence...

Zen parent, Zen baby

We all know that the first day of school is often a stressful time for parents. From the first hours when you leave your baby at the crèche or in the arms of the childminder, to the first drop-off at school. Swallow your tears and keep your anxiety to yourself! Although both feelings are normal, it's best to keep a cool head and not frighten your child. Baby crying? Don't panic: once the door is closed, children usually smile again.

The Charlie Crane team