Collab' Modetrotteur X Charlie Crane

Timeless print - The leopard theme

The leopard theme isn't just for adults. It can also transform your little one's bedroom into an intimate cocoon, creating an extension of your grown-up world. The animal, its motifs, color palette and surroundings make up this theme. Let your imagination guide you, as we did.

Small ideas for big decor :

  • Leopard print looks great as a decorative accent. Avoid profusion.
  • Choose a more sober color to cover most of your walls.
  • Add elements that recall nature: wood or plants.
  • Color is always good for morale, so dare to use it for textiles, decorations and even your child's inseparable comforter.
  • If you feel good in your baby's room, so does your child. Do what feels right and beautiful.

The room's centerpiece will be the leopard-print KUKO Charlie Crane X Modetrotter bassinet.

Exhibit an exquisite touch of leopard on the wall with leopard wallpaper , Maison Janette.

For gentle exploration, add a round leopard-print wool rug, Maison Deux.

There's nothing like a cuddly toy in your baby's ear for a good night's sleep. Leopard comforter, Liewood.


The panther and leopard motif extends to theplate with this set by Oyoy Mini.

Customizable height gauge for your little cheetah, Cotton Bird.

Don't forget playtime with the leopard-print TAMI Charlie Crane X Modetrotter playmat.

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