A few months ago, we began working on a top-secret project with an even more secretive brand. Today, we can finally reveal our collaboration with... Mushie, an American brand that imagines wonders for little ones. A must-have in the USA and around the world, Mushie essentials are instantly recognizable, thanks to their soft aesthetic. To celebrate the release of our collaboration, our designers take you behind the scenes of this beautiful project. Interview.

Immediate take-off for the USA... What's the final destination for landing at Mushie?

Welcome to the Mushie offices in Houston, Texas! Our passionate team will be delighted to welcome you. Since 2018, we put our energy and all our love into creating baby products that combine quality, design and functionality. Our main motivation is to help parents. When a baby arrives, it's like a tornado in our lives! So, if we can take some of the pressure off parents with thoughtfully designed, beautiful essentials, we've won everything.

You have a real desire to help parents and make everyday life easier with healthy products for babies. What are Mushie's values and mission? 

Parents have to think about billions of things every day: health, sleep, meals, care... We want to take as much of the mental load and stress off families as possible. Our products can make a real difference to everyday life.
We take great care over our production and the materials we use, with sustainability as our core value. We give priority to the well-being of families, using non-toxic materials such as food-grade silicone and organic cotton. We work exclusively with fair trade suppliers to make high-quality products that last.
Families can use Mushie products with their children and pass them on to someone else. Our products are opposed to the consumerism of single-use and disposable products. We want a sustainable future and to minimize our impact on the environment.

How did you come across the French brand Charlie Crane? 

The magic of Instagram happened! We are so grateful to have met the Charlie Crane team through a collaboration on this social network. We discovered a superb brand.

What were your inspirations for this collaboration?

Like Charlie Crane, we're passionate about creating beautifully designed, functional products that improve the daily lives of parents... and babies!
On the design side, we've had a long love affair with our retro floral print. It's a slightly nostalgic print with a very warm feel. We wanted to extend its timeless charm to a wider range of baby furniture. The opportunity was too good to combine our expertise and beloved motif with Charlie Crane's innovative approach.
Our collaboration combines our classic aesthetic with a "French touch". We've created a unique and elegant line that parents will love and cherish. It's great to see our retro flowers in a new context! We hope our community will appreciate it.

The Mushie team is also made up of parents, starting with you, the founder! What four pieces of advice would you have liked to have received before having your children? 

The 4 pieces of advice I wish I had received before becoming a mother would be to prioritize self-care, have flexible expectations, seek support and advice. Parenthood is a continuous learning experience. It's normal to make mistakes and grow along the way.

What's your favorite Charlie Crane article and why? 

Of course, it's the LEVO baby rocker! At home, it's a must-have in our nursery. We always get lots of compliments on this beautiful piece.

And now it's the turn of Thomas Lépine, founder of Charlie Crane, to answer our questions...

Thomas, why partner with Mushie?
My team is always looking for great brands with whom we can create new synergies. During an Instagram partnership, we fell in love with the aesthetics of Mushie's products, but also with the brand's values. The rest came naturally!

What do you like about American culture that European children could learn from?

I have the impression that Europeans are sometimes sober in their reactions. I really like American enthusiasm! You can see it in the colors and prints. The American aesthetic is sometimes more daring. I hope that's reflected in this flowery collaboration!

As a parent, what Mushie pieces do you find indispensable?

My children are grown up, but I love the baby crockery that goes so well with our TOBO highchair. The silicone is easy to clean and the colors are beautiful and soft. The bath toys, guaranteed mildew-free, are beautiful and almost make me want to imagine a baby bathtub to complement our changing table. Who knows?

Visit this page to discover our Mushie X Charlie Crane collaboration.

The Charlie Crane team

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