A baby's first Christmas is a magical event for family and friends. However, baby doesn't need a toy store at the foot of the tree to be happy! Watch out grandparents and tatas gagas, we can see you coming with your "two little toys" that take up the space of a semi-trailer... So how do you steer your loved ones in the right direction and ensure that your baby isn't overwhelmed with gifts? Charlie's got his top experts on the case, and they've got the answers!


Here are our 10 rules for limiting the number of gift packages under the tree: 

1. Get ready: make a Christmas list

Rule number 1: guide your family and friends in choosing gifts for baby. Make a list for Santa to share with your loved ones. This will help you avoid gifts that are unnecessary or not to your taste. 

2. Sort before you receive

Before welcoming the new toys of Christmas, make a big sorting in your child's room. Bye-bye to old toys, not adapted to his age, those he doesn't like or that bring you no joy. 

3. Set the rules: 1 gift per person

Limit your loved ones if you wish. Yes, it's hard! Grandma Jacqueline will have a hard time containing herself, but that's the way it is. No more than one gift per person... 

4. Contribute: the collective gift

The principle? Fewer gifts, but better! If a big gift is on your list, then invite your friends and family to create a kitty or to take part in offering the piece of your dreams (like this LEVO deckchair by Charlie Crane, which you've been eyeing since the beginning of your pregnancy!)

5. Take advantage of his young age

Bear in mind that a baby under a year old doesn't understand the concept of Christmas and opening presents. What's more, he's not old enough to make his own list to Santa with his thousand and one toys... You still have a few years before the mountain of toys to unwrap. 

6. Recycle: long live the second hand

There's no need to buy something new to make your baby happy. Opt for second-hand sites, toys in very good condition from a cousin... Recycle, it's good for you and the planet! 

7. The 4-gift rule

This rule comes to us from Great Britain. Once upon a time, exhausted parents (we made that part up, but it's entirely possible!) decided to follow 4 unique rules when choosing what gift to give their toddlers: 

  • A gift requested by the child
  • A present the child needs
  • A book
  • A garment

At Charlie Crane, we'd like to replace the garment with the idea below...

8. Intangible gifts

Barter the object for a moment to spend together! A voucher for a babysitting session offered by your nearest and dearest, a moment in a pram-café, an amusement park, a massage workshop, a parent-baby yoga workshop, a creative workshop or even a show, a magazine subscription, a voucher for your favorite story factory... In short, it's possible to find ideas for intangible gifts to offer, even for toddlers. 

9. Group: a gift for the family

In the same vein as the contributory gift, this time it's a global gift for the family. Think big and beautiful, like our KIMI crib!

Aurelie Jeanne©

10. Rules for young children

Is Junior old enough to make his own list? Whether he believes in Santa Claus or not, teach him early on to limit his desires. Basically, decide on a maximum number of presents on his wish list. It's also the perfect way to prepare him for the disappointment and frustration he may feel when the toy of his dreams isn't under the tree...

A final word of advice on the road to Christmas: a baby doesn't yet feel the need for material things. He needs laughter and love! Remember to film and take lots of photos of this magical moment to show him when he's older. And here's another gift idea for next year (long live photo albums). But above all, remember to enjoy the moment.

Happy Christmas preparations to all, 

The Charlie Crane team

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