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A new range of colors for our iconic products

Charlie Crane has created a brand-new range of timeless colors to welcome the little ones.

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Discover our new campaign!

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10 podcasts to listen to under your parasol

The vacations are finally here! Hopefully, you'll have some time to relax and... listen to podcasts (we believe it ;). At Charlie Crane, we're big fans of this audio format, which can be listened to in small or large doses, while doing nothing but listening, tidying up the kitchen or breast-feeding baby, it's up to you. Just before the big departure, we're sharing with you our non-exhaustive list of the 10 best podcasts to listen to on your bouncer, in the shade of the parasol... Spoiler alert: our selection covers all themes, from news to wellbeing and maternity, of course!

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Inspiration: designing a small nursery

The arrival of a baby is often synonymous with change and decoration. Where should you put your baby to sleep, and how should you arrange his or her bedroom, especially when you have a small apartment? Discover our space-saving solutions!

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Mother's Day: the right gifts to give

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Instead of waiting patiently for your gift and being disappointed (wow, a noodle necklace?), we've put together our dream wishlist.
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In May, we do what we like. Especially as it's Mother's Day month! To give your partner some ideas (hehe), our team has come up with the ultimate list to pass on to her. Ideas to make you REALLY happy. Because remember: you're never better served than by yourself.

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Baby's sleep: accompanying and understanding it

Is my baby getting enough sleep, and when is he going to sleep through the night? Audrey Ndjave, nurse clinician and founder of the happy mum and baby perinatal center, explains everything you need to know about baby's sleep.

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Hello KIMI!

After the success of the KUMI cradle, Charlie Crane is delighted to present its big brother: the KIMI bed! Like the KUMI, the KIMI has been designed as both a reassuring cocoon for the little one and a space open to the world.

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Charlie and friends: Hello Jérémy!

We discovered Chair Chaise on Instagram and, as design lovers, we loved following Jérémy's vintage finds. Behind this account of a thousand chairs is a dad with a passion for vintage furniture, secondhand goods, beautiful chairs and... a love of Charlie Crane, of course! A summit meeting.

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Charlie and friends: Hello Emilie!

Charlie Crane was created in 2013. So it's been seven years since our little pieces of furniture have been welcoming your babies and decorating your homes all over the world. As this makes us very proud, we wanted to take advantage of this blog to highlight customers who live with our brand.

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Collab Charlie Crane x Garbo and Friends: from scandinavia with love!

This season, Charlie Crane joins forces with Scandinavian brand Garbo and Friends to launch a new LEVO and a TIBU in a floral print: mimosa. This sunny flower will gently and poetically warm the cocoon of winter babies.

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