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Baby love: gifts of love for your children

When you're a parent, you often fall in love with your children... With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we've got a few ideas to help you declare your love for your little ones. At Charlie Crane, we believe that this holiday is also an opportunity to tell our children how much they mean to us, and to teach them about love with a capital A! And when the kids are still little, Valentine's Day for lovers can be a bit tricky to organize. Our team has come up with the best gift ideas to make their little hearts skip a beat...

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FILO: Charlie Crane's desirable new library

Our team is proud to present our latest innovation: the Filo library. You asked for it, we made it! To decorate your children's bedroom in Charlie Crane style, you needed a bookcase... and now you've got one. Behind all our furniture is our designer Gaspard Tiné-Berès. The man who works hand in hand with our founder Thomas Lépine, answers our questions. Let's take a look behind the scenes at Charlie Crane.

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Collab Mushie: a little retro wind blows through Charlie Crane!

Discover our latest collaboration with American designer Mushie! On the menu: retro flowers on our must-haves and advice for young parents.

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Charlie Crane x MUES Design: the Vichy collaboration

Let's tell you the story behind our latest products! When two decorating enthusiasts meet, a beautiful collaboration is never far away... That's precisely what happened when our team met Melissa and Valentine, the two founding sisters of MUES Design. Now, Charlie Crane offers a sublime, light and timeless gingham on its iconic pieces! To mark the launch, we spoke to the designers. They talk about trends and the right patterns to adopt in your children's bedroom, as well as their careers as women entrepreneurs.

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Charlie Crane x Modetrotter: the most grahou collab of the season! 🐆

When a children's designer meets an ultra-creative fashion brand, the result is a line of children's furniture that's 100% grahou. We're delighted to present our exclusive new collaboration with Modetrotter. On this occasion, Marie Courroy, founder of Modetrotter, and Thomas Lépine, founder of Charlie Crane, take us behind the scenes of this beautiful collaboration.

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Charlie Crane furniture for all ages

Good baby furniture is essential. You'd love to buy a piece of Charlie Crane furniture, but you're not sure which one to choose? Our team offers you a summary of our essentials according to your child's age.

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Charlie Crane x Louise Misha: the bohemian collaboration for toddlers 🌸

A collaboration that sounds like an obvious choice... Charlie Crane x Louise Misha. The two designers join forces to create a limited edition line of baby furniture. Marie Pidancet, founder of Louise Misha, and Thomas Lépine, founder of Charlie Crane, talk about the history of this collaboration.

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MILO: 1, 2, 3... Play now!

At Charlie Crane, our vocation is to imagine elegant objects that will enhance your family life. So we're delighted to unveil our latest piece: the MILO play set.

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NEW! TOBO, a chair for life

Discover the new TOBO chair 

With its sleek, rounded design, made exclusively from noble, natural materials, the TOBO is incredibly adaptable: this chair is perfect for babies from 6 months, and will grow with them year after year, for the rest of their lives!

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Charlie at 10!

Why is Charlie Crane called Charlie Crane? We've kept this story a secret for a very long time. But this year, our brand celebrates 10 YEARS! To mark the occasion, we've decided to tell you all about it.

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