Convertible Bed MUKA 90 – 120 cm

US$ 1 318,80

The new Charlie Crane MUKA convertible bed includes no less than five positions, and also seven positions (with 150 cm extension) so you can use it from the birth of your baby until 6/7 years old. And even beyond, because it transforms into a sofa!

As it is likely that you will keep your MUKA bed for a long time, we wanted it to be beautiful! Composed of plywood birch veneered oak decor, its design is inspired by the movement of vegetal design and its slightly slanted feet give it an airy, levitating appearance.

The 8 cm thick mattress is supplied with the bed and fitted sheets are available as an option.

Not available for the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Available at the end of Septembre, 2019

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