New Baby Rocker LEVO in Walnut with Bonton cushion

US$ 298,80

About Bonton x Charlie Crane

Charlie Crane has teamed up with Bonton – the french children’s essentials brand – well-known for its original impressions.

On this occasion, the LEVO rocker and the TIBU high chair are adorned with the brand’s iconic black and white stars print.

An association with a very recognizable identity that will add elegance to all interiors.


About the Baby Rocker Levo

Le Baby Rocker Levo is  must have from birth to 7 months, LEVO rocker fits perfectly with your interior.

Its wood conception and design contrast with regular baby furnitures. Its natural rocking follows softly the movements of babies.

The new GOTS certified Natural Organic cushion is very soft and has a beautiful ivory look.

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