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10 tips for feeling confident as a parent

Parenting is not an innate ability. But having confidence in yourself and your parenting skills is vital to surviving the roller coaster ride of early and middle childhood. Charlie Crane shares his 10 secrets to self-confidence.   1. You are the only ones who know your child You carried this child, you brought him into […]

10 things that babies teach their parents

You are expecting your first child. You’ve read lots of books on parenthood, watched documentaries on the subject and even listened to your grandparents’ anecdotes (sparingly). You’re all set… or almost! Because when it comes to parenting, there’s a lot you can learn on the job. Team Charlie Crane has compiled a list of 10 […]


Let’s meet Maëlys Le Levreur, founder of My Little Coaching

Head over to Instagram to find our LIVE with Maëlys on the essential topic of post partum!Because she has just released her book, Vous êtes déjà le parent idéal, we went to meet Maëlys Le Levreur, founder of My Little Coaching. This specialized educator guides (lost 😉 parents to help them live the best way […]