Decorating trend no. 1: wallpaper

The truth is, wallpaper has never deserted baby rooms. What has changed is the way it's applied. A few years ago, people were content to hang just a strip of wallpaper or, on the contrary, to wallpaper an entire room. Today, wallpaper can be applied to an entire wall, for added personality. For tenants, there are some excellent repositionable adhesive wallpapers. 

Trendy patterns : 

Gingham wallpaper, panoramic wallpaper, Arty Bien Fait wallpaper that's been diverted from its target audience (adults) for children's rooms, Mathilde Cabanas' naive graphic wallpaper.

Deco trend no. 2: Viva Magenta

After Very Peri, the Pantone color of the year 2022, it's Viva Magenta that counts in 2023. The vibrant hue is even invading children's decor. There's no need to repaint the walls of a toddler's bedroom, just add it in small touches. Think baby bed linen, decorative objects such as lights, a play mat or curtains. 

Not ready to give up on magenta? Opt for softer tones. Our MILO play set is available in a less flashy rosewood. Our TAMI playmats are available in Rose Marsala or Nude.

Decorating trend no. 3: colorful mixed rooms

Blue for boys, pink for girls... Gender-typed baby bedrooms are no longer in vogue. In recent years, the trend has been for mixed-gender rooms in shades of beige, camel, grey and green. Today, gender-neutral bedrooms are no longer content with neutral colors. We want bold, pop tones, maxi color! Listen to your desires and don't censor yourself if you want pink when your newborn baby is a boy. 

Our tip: add touches of color with small objects such as pennants, cushions, stuffed toys, a bed linen set or a sleeping bag.

Decorating trend no. 4: Scandinavian purity

Always in vogue, Scandinavian style distills its perfume of timelessness in children's bedrooms. We love this poetic trend for its cocooning feel and natural materials. The recipe for Scandinavian minimalism: furniture with rounded shapes, a mix of soft fabrics and wood. Your watchwords will be softness, a cozy nest and well-being at home. 

Decorating trend no. 5: sustainable furniture

It's time for more responsible and sustainable consumption, even in children's decor. The good news? Designers are coming up with lines that combine aesthetics and ethics, based on conscious, intelligent production. Children may grow up, but it's still possible to keep a beautiful piece of design that evolves with them for a long time to come. 

Our selection of progressive furniture : 

  • TOBO and TIBU evolving highchairs
  • The KIMI evolutionary bed
  • The LEVO baby rocker that converts into a small children's chair.

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