A baby that sits up

Already, the arrival of a highchair in your home is synonymous with a great event: your baby can sit up on his own! This good news marks a step forward in his growth and towards his future autonomy. 

A little throne for a little explorer

From his mini-dog, your baby will be at the height of a grown-up. He can observe the world and his surroundings. It's all the more stimulating.

A bite for dad, a bite for mom... 

While the first purées and compotes are often given in a bouncer or in the arms, real meals begin at the table, in the highchair. Your little explorer will discover a whole new world of tastes, smells and textures. 

For your part, you're discovering just what kind of eater your baby is. There are those who open their mouths wide. Those who spit out their purée, those who chew their apple for long minutes. Whether you're dealing with a gluttonous baby, a gourmet or a small eater, you'll need to develop a number of techniques, starting with the airplane or diversion.

Feeding yourself

Mealtime is also a time of reunion, a time to talk about your day after hours of separation. Between two mouthfuls, your baby will listen. Once they've acquired language skills, they'll take their turn in sharing stories about the nursery, the joys of school and the dramas of playtime... 

All these moments are now your reality, or even your problems as a parent ("what do you mean, it's not good?"), but don't let yourself be fooled by everyday life...

Tomorrow, this reality will form your family memories. So, while your little ones feast or fuss, enjoy these unique moments.

It's for moments like these that we've lovingly created two high chairs.

Charlie Crane high chairs

Before being designers, we are demanding parents. 

The first criterion for our highchairs is safety. All our products are tested before they go on sale. Your baby won't fall out, and he'll be well supported thanks to our baby set, as well as the option of two cushions fitted with a harness.


TOBO high chair

We firmly believe that beauty is compatible with children's furniture. Our last high chair was created in 2022. We wanted something new and... even more wood! Drawn by our designer Gaspard Tiné-Berès, the TOBO is inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics, all wood and curves.

On the program: a safe high chair that grows to adult size to last a lifetime, with a wide range of colors and options to personalize the chair to your taste. 

Discover the TOBO high chair

The TIBU high chair

Our TIBU high chair was imagined in 2016 by design duo Gaspard Tiné-Berès and Tristan Kopp of studio Re-Do. Its tubular appearance is inspired by French industrial design of the 1950s. It blends elegantly into your living room, dining room and kitchen. It follows your child from the moment he can sit up, right through to age 8 and beyond. 

Discover TIBU


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