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After 10 years of moving regularly, Justine and her husband decided to return to their native Lorraine, the land where they met and raised their families. They set their sights on a house in a hilltop village with an incredible view. This former military building has been renovated and divided into several houses. The icing on the cake is that their new home is located in a forest where the wind gently blows through the trees. 

Pure softness

On her Instagram account, Justine shares many snapshots of her home and family life. Among the main players are 5-year-old Paul and 6-month-old Côme. The family has embarked on a long series of renovations to turn their home into the cocoon of their dreams. "I'm a homebody by nature. I like my interior to be uncluttered, but with life in it," confides Justine. 

The young woman has chosen a soft ambience, with white as the main canvas. Her recipe? Light-colored walls rub shoulders with parquet floors, sometimes painted white or green, sometimes left in their original light-colored wood. This harmony is reinforced by the addition of textiles in natural materials, such as carpets. As you can see, the color palette is deliberately limited. Touches of green or blue are used here and there, along with graphic wallpaper. 

Children's bedrooms

When asked how she designed her children's bedrooms, Justine shares her tips : "My big Paul is starting to have a lot of ugly toys... I immediately thought about storage! His bed is made to measure, with drawers to hide the mess. They allow us to tidy up his room in seconds. The walls are white and beige, to give free rein to her imagination and avoid sticking to a single universe. At 5, we like a lot of things, especially my curious Paul."

For her baby, Justine was inspired by the forest view from her bedroom. "I chose pretty wallpaper, wood, animals, stuffed animals, pretty Olli Ella objects and above all a magnificent Charlie Crane bed." Justine anticipates and recycles her furniture "Her old wardrobe was her brother's. For the changing area, I decided to recycle it. For the changing area, I opted for a Charlie Crane wall-mounted changing table and storage units." So, when he grows up, Côme will have free access to his games.

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A serene refuge

You guessed it, Justine doesn't like overabundance or visible clutter. "I'm not a maniac, but I like everything to be hidden. It saves me a certain burden". And when you have two children, that visual burden comes quickly. Once again, the young woman shares her tips with us. "When it comes to decorating, you have to listen to yourself and not necessarily follow trends. Not spreading yourself too thin also helps to avoid an overloaded decor, as does storage".

Justine's tip for a neutral bookcase: arrange books on the edges of the pages.

Photo: @justine_cln

Our advice to you? Visit Justine's account to discover the rest of her interior. 

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