Mum and Dad factory collection : YOMI junior bed

Since October 1st, all the products of the Mum & Dad factory brand are edited and distributed exclusively by Charlie Crane. Among these new products, discover the YOMI bed, both super design and especially ideal to ensure the transition between a crib and a big bed!

The height of the base and the dimensions of this bed have been specifically designed for children from 2 to 6 years old. The YOMI offers them maximum comfort, safety and above all autonomy. They can climb on it by themselves to read a book or to rest for a little while. They can get out alone. And above all, thanks to our bumper, even the toddlers don’t risk to hurt themselves if they fall during the night! The bumper is an alternative to traditional bed rails. This reassuring foam barrier is placed under the fitted sheet and helps children understand the limitations of their new bed.

(c) Julie Gache

This bed with its clean lines and daybed spirit can also be used as a bench or as a cot. Designed to last, the Mum and Dad Factory bed is made exclusively of solid wood.

(c) Sandra Landy Sauzedde
The mattress 66×136 cm is suitable for the YOMI Junior bed. Thick and firm, it is made in France in our partner’s factory in Charente and its CertiPur certified foam is a guarantee of softness. Thanks to the Velcro fasteners under the mattress, it is perfectly positioned on the YOMI bed and does not slip.
(c) maman.est.une.fee