NEW! TOBO, the evolving highchair for the whole family

Happy birthday Charlie!  This year, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary! A year marked by 2 major events: the release of our superb children’s book, written by Mathilde Toulot and illustrated by Irish artist Paddy Donnelly, telling the incredible story of the bird Charlie Crane – which gave its name to the brand. but above […]

The real gifts to make mama happy

In France, this Sunday is Mother’s Day! Last year, we wanted to sleep 12-hours in a row, time to ourselves, a weekend with our BFF and a couple of smart gifts. We have revised our copy for this year 2022. Discover our dream wishlist, to get inspired… and to share!   To free our mind […]

Charlie turns 10!

Why is Charlie Crane called Charlie Crane? We have kept this story secret for a very long time. But this year, our brand celebrates its 10 YEARS! For this occasion, we decided to tell you about it.   2012.2012. Thomas Lépine, le fondateur de Charlie Crane, the founder of Charlie Crane, and his wife Mathilde […]

Baby’s awakening in the first months

Baby is here! As good parents, you obviously want the best for your little one. But how can you gently help him to awaken and accompany him as best as possible so that he grows up well? In this blog post, we summarize all the key stages of the first months and explain why specific […]

NEW : discover our last baby, the little SABA chair!

A new addition to our range of products for babies and toddlers has recently been added!  After the iconic LEVO rocker, the TIBU high chair, the KUMI crib (and all the others…), discover the latest addition to the Charlie Crane family: the SABA, queen of the small chairs, whose irresistible design will please young and […]

Charlie Crane opens its first store in Paris!

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Charlie Crane is happy to announce the opening of its very first Parisian corner, within the very pretty boutique Natalys and Friends. You can find our whole collection (the famous  LEVO rocker in its many colors, the design highchair TIBU, the best changing table on the market NOGA, the beautiful crib […]

Our list of gifts for the whole family!

December 25th is around the corner and if you haven’t yet wrapped up your gifts yet, here is THE list of our best ideas for all the family members. Find all the tips from the Charlie Crane team to make everyone happy. For her  An expectant mother to fill this Christmas? We have several ideas […]

jeu concours de Noël

Charlie’s hood : let’s go for a month of surprises!

For the 1st time ever this year, Charlie Crane is launching its own Advent Calendar on Instagram! 25 days of gifts and inspirations for the whole family with a selection of our very favorite brands (Tip Toe design, Studio Roméo, Numéro 74, Louise Misha, Lucas du Tertre, Josefina Bags…) from around the world. Until the […]

A table bébé : c’est parti pour la diversification alimentaire !

A partir de quel âge peut-on lui donner des purées ? Quand est-ce qu’on passe aux morceaux ? C’est quoi la DME ? Parfois on a l’impression de devoir passer un CAP Petite Enfance pour s’occuper de son enfant… et encore plus au moment de la diversification alimentaire. Heureusement des pros sont là pour nous […]