A baby is small, yes, but it takes up a lot of space!
In your heart, in your thoughts, in your home, in your... short... nights of sleep...

When you're about to become a parent for the first time, you can get lost in a flood of information.
And the choice of bed is no exception: crib, bassinet, bassinet... debating about all these beds is tiring!
Don't worry, settle into yours while Charlie Crane explains everything. 


The KUMI cradle: a cosy nest

Did you know? A newborn baby sleeps between 14 and 18 hours a day. It's in his crib that he'll spend most of his time and begin to wake up. Smaller than a bed with bars, the crib is a real cocoon for your baby, who will feel reassured, as if he were in his mother's womb. It's the perfect transition to the outside world right from birth!

What's more, its smaller size makes the cradle lightweight and portable: handy if you want to set your baby up in the parent's bedroom for the first few months, or even in your living room. You can then easily move him to his own room when the time comes to sleep.

Mobile, cute and cocooning, the cradle is an ally for the first 6 months of development before your baby grows up and moves on to the classic cot. Our KUMI cradle combines all these aspects for your little one: open to the outside world, it's a gentle blend of traditional and contemporary. Equipped with a rocking system, it lulls your baby into the arms of Morpheus.

The cradle is for you if : 

  • You want a cozy, reassuring bed for your baby.
  • You want a bed that can be transported around the house.
  • You want a little bed to wedge next to yours.

The KUKO moses basket

All new, all beautiful, the KUKO moses basket makes its debut in our crib range.

This cocoon can be used from birth to around 4 months. Its ergonomic design is reassuring for newborns, who will feel comforted as if in a cozy nest. 

As well as being comfortable, this beautiful object has many advantages for parents. It's small enough to fit everywhere. Nomadic and practical to transport thanks to its handles, it is removable from its wooden support, while being totally safe (if you only knew the number of tests our products have to undergo before being launched...). Carry your baby in the KUKO bassinet without making him lose his bearings. 

Whether it's to keep an eye on him while you're busy, for naps, night feeds or even when you're out and about, he'll be your indispensable companion. What's more, its minimalist wooden design will blend in with the decor of any room in your home.

The bassinet is for you if :

  • You want a cozy, reassuring bed for your baby.
  • You want a bed that can be taken in and out of the house.

The KIMI evolutionary bed

An evolving bed will be with you for a long time. Indispensable as your baby grows, this type of bed combines aesthetics with practicality. 

Its main asset: durability. It grows with your baby. This is the concept behind our KIMI evolutionary crib, with its unique, airy design. Starting out as a round, reassuring cocoon, it gradually becomes a warm, comfortable crib. 

Everything has been thought of: one entire side of the crib is removable, allowing it to be converted from a cradle to an open bed. It will accompany your child from birth to 4/5 years of age. 

Another advantage of our KIMI bed is that it has no bars, but instead features lacing and a delicate veil for reassurance and protection. It also combines a number of qualities. Beautiful design, practical, long-lasting. A safe place for your baby... 

The only drawback to this bed is that you'll still have to think about changing it before your child takes the A-levels! 

The evolving bed is for you if :

  • You want a cozy, reassuring bed for your baby.
  • You want a bed that grows with your child.
  • You want a bed that lasts.

So, cradle, bassinet or evolving bed: who's the winner?

While each option has its advantages, you'll need to select your baby's crib according to your lifestyle and your home. Do everything you can to facilitate your daily movements and your baby's comfort... Without putting pressure on yourself: you'll be good parents, whether you choose a bassinet, a crib or an evolving bed!

And what about co-sleeping? It's ideal when you want to stay close to baby at night and when you're breast-feeding.

For the moment, we don't offer a co-sleeping bed, but who knows, one day this item may come along...

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The Charlie Crane team