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Free delivery on orders over €250 in mainland France

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Free delivery on orders over €250 in mainland France

Pay 3x free of charge with Scalapay

About us

In 2022, designer furniture publisher Charlie Crane celebrated its 10th anniversary! It's a decade that has seen the growth of this French brand, now a key player in the international childcare market.

The genesis

As its name suggests, the brand is 100% French, with a team based mainly in Paris. But from the outset, Charlie Crane has enjoyed international success. Since its iconic LEVO baby rocker, which put the brand on the map, Charlie Crane has developed a wide collection of furniture and accessories for children aged 0 to 6: crib, changing table, high chair, bassinet, evolving bed...

Sold in over 20 countries

Charlie Crane products are sold in over 20 countries, mainly in Europe, but also in the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan...

The taste and subtlety of French design

With over 300 retailers worldwide and having surpassed 300K followers on Instagram (of which only 30% are French!), Charlie Crane is a brand with international reach, whose ambition is to carry the taste and subtlety of French design far and wide.

Our mission

For once in the children's sector, the brand's founder is a man. More precisely, a father of 3! For, as you may have guessed, it was Thomas Lépine's experience of fatherhood, and the plethora of gaudy objects that appeared in his apartment, that inspired him to launch Charlie Crane.

"In today's interiors, room boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred. Charlie Crane's aim is to design furniture for little ones that blends in perfectly with the overall décor of About us or apartment.

As a result, baby's Baby rocker blends in perfectly with the living room decor, the high chair harmonizes with the dining room table and the cot becomes a work of art... or almost! But Charlie Crane isn't just an aesthetic brand. The brand designs innovative furniture that responds to new uses and issues for young parents. For example, the KIMI bed has no rungs, partly to prevent the child from injuring himself by trapping his arm or leg, and partly so that the baby can't climb over the bed alone. Parents, sleep soundly!

Imagining new furniture that's beautiful but above all practical; in other words, that really makes everyday life easier.

In addition to taking into account the new needs of families, Charlie Crane works hand in hand with other players in his field, notably by forging collaborations with textile brands he appreciates, such as Lucas du Tertre, Garbo & Friends, Modetrotter, Louise Misha and Jacadi.

Charlie Crane's approach is to create sustainable products using noble materials that are as eco-friendly as possible, particularly wood.

The brand also works to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible. Products are designed to be as "flat-packed" as possible to reduce the volume to be transported; the use of plastic is reduced to the strict minimum and factories are, as far as possible, as close as possible to the logistics center, located near Lyon.

A great team!

Since its creation

The Charlie Crane team has gone from strength to strength. Starting out alone, Thomas Lépine was soon joined by Gaspard Tiné-Bérès, the brand's designer, and then by Lucille Dubos, head of sales.


The team has 12 employees, not all of whom are based in Paris. Charlie Crane has been telecommuting long before the Covid pandemic; some live in Orleans, Brussels, Nice... and even Barcelona! An international brand, we said.