Marion Gruber, free motherhood

Creative and inspiring, Marion isn't just a breath of fresh air on our Instagram feed. The influencer and mum-of-three shares her vision of parenthood and her longings for elsewhere. Need a breath of fresh air? Then read on!

Mother of three children in 5 years! Can you tell us how motherhood has evolved? Are you the same mom now as you were at the beginning? 

Marion Gruber: I think it's in my nature to see the glass as half full. I make lists, plans, anticipate and prepare a lot of things, but it's more to reassure myself. And yet, when things happen (very often not at all as planned), I welcome them without worrying, appreciating all the little things in life. In my parenthood, it's exactly like that. I'm not rigid about schedules or timetables, I try to do the best I can, to make life easier for us whatever the cost.

And in the end, it suits us fine: the kids are really cool, we take them everywhere, they adapt to everything. Their bond is very strong, and it's really magical to witness that. And we involve them in all our projects, we talk to them a lot, despite their young age, and I have the impression that they love it.

I think I'm the same mom I was five years ago, yes, maybe a little more tired (laughs). I still have tears in my eyes when I see them achieve something new, I still have this feeling of happiness that overflows in my heart, I tell myself every day that it's incredible what Guillaume and I have managed to do. I'm just constantly overwhelmed and go to bed tired every day, but it's a small price to pay for all the happiness I have on the side!

Was having three children a long-held dream, or a desire that was built up over time? The MAP process is certainly a roller-coaster ride... and a miracle too! 

Marion Gruber: I've always dreamed of having three children. The idea of a large family and children with brothers and sisters to play with, grow up with and evolve with has always spoken to me. And then with my first pregnancy, I realized that having three might not be as easy as all that, and how lucky I already was to have a baby in my arms. When you've been through the IVF process like we have, I think you really have to realize what a gift life has given you, what a miracle and what a blessing it is. But... the desire for more never left me. And 14 months later, I was pregnant with James. We could have told ourselves that it was OK, that we really were the happiest and luckiest people in the world, but I felt like we were missing one. And then Luna came along, and I never had that "not enough" feeling again. I immediately felt we were complete. The missing piece of the puzzle. I still can't explain it!

You've got three beautiful kids, written books, put together a hat line, a crazy house, you make inspiring content, you've planned an incredible move. It almost sounds "easy". Do you have any advice for moments of doubt and keeping your spirits up?

Marion Gruber: Thank you very much! It's not that it's easy, but challenges don't scare me; on the contrary, they're so inspiring, a real driving force. I need to create things, to dream, for my balance. It's a lot of work, but because I love what I do, I do it with so much pleasure that it's even more motivating. As for life projects... It's now or never, and I hate having regrets. Sometimes I have doubts, but I'm lucky enough to be very well surrounded, so verbalizing things that worry me or seem unclear to those close to me, family or colleagues, frees me immediately. I always tell myself not to lose sight of the goal, and that in the end, success or not, the road to get there will be so instructive and positive, that you just have to go for it. We rarely regret the things we've done, but rather the things we didn't dare to do. So there you have it, I've always got projects in mind, so why not give them a go? I believe that being proud of what you've achieved and of your work is one of the best feelings.

What's the status of your Los Angeles project?

Marion Gruber: This is clearly THE current project: changing your life, leaving everything behind to start again on the other side of the world. Typically the kind of challenge that's a bit crazy, that leads to constant questioning because the upheaval is so crazy... but for which the result will be so worthwhile. For the moment, we're still working on our immigration and visa applications. We've left to find a house and visit the children's schools. It's getting real!

Which essentials will come with you in your suitcases?

Marion Gruber: We're going to try to go light - but we're actually too passionate about a lot of things to do that! I need my sewing machine, knitting materials and hooks. Guillaume needs his guitars, and I'll be packing a good part of my dressing room, our sofas and some of the furniture we love, plus our Charlie Crane high chairs, of course!

15 years of love with your husband, 3 children, you work together with Guillaume... Help us! What are your secrets for a couple that lasts?

Marion Gruber: We talk all the time. We talk all the time. We're lucky enough to be aligned on our projects and dreams. And then we each have our own passions, our own moments. With the kids, our balance is constantly shifting. It's hard work figuring out how to adjust it to life in general, but we manage to step back and find ourselves again. It's a real team effort, and a lot of love!

While we wait for LA, we're still enjoying the photos of your home in Hossegor. Why do you love Charlie Crane furniture?

Marion Gruber: Charlie Crane has been with us since Romy arrived 5 years ago. We saw her grow up in the Baby rocker LEVO, discover food in her TIBU highchair, and then James arrived, sleeping in the KUMI crib, and then Luna came to complete the picture, still comfortably installed in the same Charlie Crane furniture.


How does this furniture evolve with your children and in your home?

Marion Gruber: We really went through all the evolutionary phases of furniture.

After the KUMI crib, Luna now sleeps in the KIMI bed, and one day we'll open it up so she can get in and out as she pleases. We've even taken it a step further with the Baby rocker LEVO, which now accommodates the children's infants.

Do you have a design craving at the moment? A piece that makes you dream?

Marion Gruber: Yes, I'm dreaming of a Ray Wilkes Chiclet armchair for our next home...

What will we be able to see on your Instagram account a year from now? By the way, will we still have to follow you on instagram or on another network?

Marion Gruber: Let's hope for photos with pretty Californian palm trees in the background, and new projects to share! I love photography too much to stop being on Instagram, but I'm trying to do more videos so I've opened a YouTube channel and a TikTok account so who knows, maybe I'll be everywhere at once?

Many thanks to Marion for her time. Follow her on her Instagram account @fringeandfrange!