How did Louise Misha and Charlie Crane meet?

Marie Pidancet: Our communities are very close; we have two worlds that rub shoulders, not least because they're aimed at toddlers and advocate an art of living filled with gentleness. I already knew Charlie Crane well, so there was a mutual enthusiasm that led to a first meeting. I was pleasantly surprised by the brand's story, which, like Louise Misha's, is full of spontaneity. What's more, I got on very well with Thomas Lépine, the founder of Charlie Crane.

Thomas Lépine: It's all our communications manager's fault! She saw on Instagram that Marie, the founder of Louise Misha, was expecting a baby. She seized the opportunity to offer her some products and introduce her to Charlie Crane. She then insisted that Marie and I meet.

As for me, I only knew Louise Misha by name, so I didn't quite realize the craze this brand was causing... 

Marie and I met over coffee in their superb showroom. We hit it off right away! First of all, we're neighbors, but more importantly, there's a lot of common ground in our entrepreneurial paths. We also share many common values, such as producing as responsibly as possible. What's more, our two brands celebrated their 10th anniversary this year! 

Thomas Lépine
Marie Pidancet

How did you come up with the idea and desire to work together?

Marie Pidancet: When we first met, we were quick to mention the desire to combine our two worlds, and the collaboration was an obvious choice. I could see our bohemian prints being enhanced by Charlie Crane's sleek furniture.

Thomas Lépine: Our skills are very complementary. Charlie Crane makes furniture and Louise Misha, textiles. The collaboration between us was an obvious choice! At Charlie Crane, we like to imagine collaborations with brands that have strong universes and push us to break out of the nursery world, to break even further the codes of pink and baby blue.

How long does a collaboration like this take?

Marie Pidancet: It tookjust over a year from our decision to launch this collaboration to the finalization of the collection. We started by choosing the print that would adorn the furniture, then prototyping, manufacturing, photoshoots for the communication materials... in which we also involved my son, with whom I was pregnant at the start of the project, and who can now test the finished products: perfect timing!

Thomas Lépine: I can confirm that! Between our first discussions and the launch of the collaboration, a year passed. In the meantime, we chose the print, produced several prototypes, coordinated the factories and our teams, and then had to factor in a long delivery time in a particular context.

What were your inspirations for the collection?

Marie Pidancet: The four creations in this collection were inspired by the conviction that every detail counts to help a child grow up in a world of gentleness and to contribute to awakening their senses: the meeting of our bohemian, colorful universe with the soft, uncluttered world of Charlie Crane makes it possible to convey this vision.

Which Louise Misha pattern did you choose to dress the Charlie Crane furniture, and why?

Marie Pidancet: The pattern we chose is called Blue Cream Flowers, a vintage-inspired floral print from a past winter that was a big hit. We showed several iconic prints to the Charlie Crane team, who chose this one. At the time of its release, it had been used on numerous children's outfits, childcare and home accessories. So we decided to bring out these pieces again for the collaboration, to create a whole universe around this favorite print!

Thomas Lépine: We chose Blue Cream Flowers because we loved its vintage prints, which gently "wake up" our products for toddlers. We loved its warm colors to cocoon winter babies!


Marie, what do you love about the Charlie Crane universe?

I like to surround myself with beautiful things. For me, it's very important that the objects and clothes in our daily lives are joyful and inspiring. Charlie Crane represents the desire to make beautiful objects that take up a very important place in our homes when a baby arrives. Of course, my heart goes out to the iconic Baby rocker , which I was lucky enough to have even before this collaboration began! 


The collection in detail

Charlie Crane x Louise Misha offers four iconic products, including children's furniture with two sleekly designed high chairs and nursery furniture with a Baby rocker and a cocoon-like bassinet.

Everything is made from natural materials: wood and organic cotton.

Thomas, what do you love about the Louise Misha universe?

It's a brand with a history, and a soul. It's a brand of enthusiasts that invites you to travel...


The Charlie Crane team