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Charlie Crane x Modetrotter: the most grahou collab of the season! 🐆

When a children's designer meets an ultra-creative fashion brand, the result is a line of children's furniture that's 100% grahou. We're delighted to present our exclusive new collaboration with Modetrotter. On this occasion, Marie Courroy, founder of Modetrotter, and Thomas Lépine, founder of Charlie Crane, take us behind the scenes of this beautiful collaboration.

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Children's fashion: 10 brands we love

Charlie Crane has selected for you the most beautiful children's fashion brands to know!
Decorating is our thing. The other thing we love is baby fashion. Because an outfit that makes you feel good is just as important as a beautiful interior that makes you happy. Check out our selection of designers to dress your babies well.

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City guide: our best addresses in Nice ☀️

The sun is shining and you're looking forward to a weekend away with your family! The Charlie Crane team gives you its top tips and favorite cities to visit. We're starting our city-guide series with the pretty city of Nice, where Marie, our communications manager, lives. Discover the addresses of this young mother of two.

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This is not a high chair

You don't need a magic wand when you have a high chair. Behind its usefulness, this object is an incredible little machine. It helps you grow up and make memories. Come along, we'll tell you all about it...

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Everything you need to know about babywearing and baby rack

Babywearing has been practiced since the dawn of time. Discover all the benefits for your family! As an added bonus, we'll help you decipher skin-to-skin and baby rack.

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Meditate to find yourself

At a time when pregnancy is over-medicalized, we suggest you take some time for yourself by practicing meditation. Discover all its benefits.

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City guide: Bordeaux with the family

Bordeaux is full of treasures for the whole family to discover over the weekend. With its UNESCO-listed historic monuments, redeveloped quays along the Garonne and verdant parks, the city offers a multitude of activities for young and old alike. As an added bonus, Bordeaux is easily accessible by train. Follow us for a stroll through the streets of Bordeaux! This city guide was produced with the complicity of Sarah from the Pow Wow Kids boutique.

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Children's bedroom: when to switch to a full-size bed?

Your baby is all grown up now, and you feel it's time to say goodbye to his cot. A little heartbreaking for you (what's wrong with my baby?!) and a real milestone for your child, this change marks a milestone. Charlie Crane gives you all the tips and advice you need to make the transition from crib to cot.

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Cocooning time: Charlie's soft collection 🤍

This season, the trend is for soft, cuddly materials in which we want to wrap ourselves... We're dressing ourselves - and our interiors - in sheepskin and cotton bouclette. Add a hint of wood to your decor, and you've got comforting materials that give pride of place to natural color.

On the program: a limited Fur series with the KUKO bassinet and the SABA chair, our iconic LEVO Baby Rocker dressed for winter, and finally an exclusive collaboration with Binibamba to enjoy soft furnishings all year round!

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Pregnancy and baby: your questions and our answers

Pain when you're pregnant, baby aches and pains... Parenthood brings its own set of questions. We answer the most frequent questions asked by parents with the team from May.

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