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Baby love: gifts of love for your children

When you're a parent, you often fall in love with your children... With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we've got a few ideas to help you declare your love for your little ones. At Charlie Crane, we believe that this holiday is also an opportunity to tell our children how much they mean to us, and to teach them about love with a capital A! And when the kids are still little, Valentine's Day for lovers can be a bit tricky to organize. Our team has come up with the best gift ideas to make their little hearts skip a beat...

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Baby's first ski vacation: everything you need to know!

If you've decided to spend your first winter vacation with your baby on the slopes, it promises to be an extraordinary experience. To make sure your trip goes off without a hitch, our team is here to help you prepare for it. Preparations, essentials to pack and invaluable advice... we'll guide you so that snow and baby go hand in hand.

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Pregnant at Christmas: what am I allowed to eat and drink?

Being pregnant during the festive season has a magical ring to it... A baby coming to life in your belly during those long winter days, a whole family to announce the lovely news! But behind the twinkling Christmas tree and Mariah Carey songs lies the headache of Christmas meals. Cheese, foie gras, oysters, alcohol... The list of forbidden foods during pregnancy is long. The reason? The risks of listeriosis and toxoplasmosis, which can sneak into even the smallest raw egg mayonnaise. The dietary subtleties are numerous, as you can read in our article. With our team May, we answer all your questions. Our aim is to help you have a zen Christmas, at least on your plate. And as a little bonus, we've got all our secrets for fatigue-free travel.

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Baby's first Christmas: 10 ideas for reducing the number of toys under the tree

A baby's first Christmas is a magical event. But how do you get through Christmas without being overwhelmed by unnecessary gifts? We can help!

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Decorating inspiration: the leopard trend

Fitting out, decorating, tidying up, installing... All these steps are essential to welcoming your child and creating a cocoon. Do you love decorating, or do you hate it? Do you have too much inspiration or, on the contrary, would you like the advice of an outside eye?
Whatever your situation, your wish is granted! Our team shares its decorating guide with you. From necessities to cute little accessories, welcome to the Leopard theme.

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Decorating inspiration: the gingham trend

Raise your hand if you can't wait to decorate your (future) baby's room! Thinking about his little nest, finding the bed that will welcome his first dreams, choosing his little decoration... While you're waiting for one of the most beautiful encounters of your life (we wish you all the best!), we help you create the perfect cocoon for your baby. Our team shares a timeless inspiration: gingham.

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Developing your child's autonomy: our advice

Welcome to the "do it yourself" stage. Our team will guide you to help your child become independent thanks to our advice... and our furniture!


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Back-to-school survival guide for young parents

The big day is approaching and the stress is mounting... Find out all our tips in this back-to-school survival guide for young parents!

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First vacations with baby: our advice

This summer's vacation will have a new flavor: you're going away as a family for the first time! As young parents, you're about to embark on an experience that's as exciting as it is confusing. So, for your first vacation with your baby, where to go and how? The arrival of a new member of the family will change your habits for the better. Follow our guide!

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Baby at the beach: our tips and advice

There's the sun, the beach and... your baby! What a delight it is to splash around in the water and watch your baby discover the sea. It's time for the first sandcastles, the first waves that tickle your feet and discovering the feel of sand under your fingers. Taking your baby to the beach is an exciting experience, even more so when you're well prepared. Discover all our tips for a perfect beach session, with your baby.

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