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Baby's early development

Your divine child is born! As good parents, you obviously want the best for your child. But how can you gently help him to awaken to the world around him, and how can you best support him so that he grows up well? In this article, we summarize all the key stages of the first few months, and explain why special equipment is essential.

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Baby's firsts: what to expect and how to remember

Life with a baby is punctuated by many firsts. Discover your baby's milestones, from birth to first birthday.

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NEW: discover the queen of small chairs!

A new addition to our range of products for babies and children! After the iconic LEVO Baby Rocker, the TIBU highchair, the KUMI cradle (and all the others...), discover the latest addition to the Charlie Crane family: the SABA, queen of the little chairs, whose irresistible design will appeal to young and old alike. To find out more about this pretty newcomer, we put a few questions to Gaspard Tiné-Berès, head of the design department at Charlie Crane, who imagined the SABA.

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Charlie Crane opens its 1st boutique in Paris!

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Charlie Crane is delighted to announce the opening of its 1st Parisian corner, in the lovely boutique Natalys and Friends. You'll be able to see our entire collection (our legendary LEVO bouncer in its many colors, our TIBU design highchair, the practical NOGA changing table, the pretty KUMI cradle, the TAMI playmat 100% made in France...) and test, touch, try and LOVE our products for real!

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Our gift list for the whole family!

December 25th is just around the corner, and if you haven't yet wrapped up your presents, we've got a list of ideas for every member of the family. You'll find all the advice from the Charlie Crane team to satisfy mom, dad, grandma, grandpa... and babies, of course!

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Baby's table: it's time for dietary diversification!

At what age can I start giving him purées? When do we switch to chunks? What is DME? Sometimes it feels like you have to pass a "CAP Petite Enfance" to take care of your child... and even more so at the time of dietary diversification. Fortunately, there are professionals to guide us. Charlie Crane went to meet Clémence Maumené, founder of the website Cuisinez pour bébé and author of the book of the same name. This young mother of two gives us all the secrets she needs to make the stress-free transition from bottles to purées!

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A new range of colors for our iconic products

Charlie Crane has created a brand-new range of timeless colors to welcome the little ones.

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Discover our new campaign!

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10 podcasts to listen to under your parasol

The vacations are finally here! Hopefully, you'll have some time to relax and... listen to podcasts (we believe it ;). At Charlie Crane, we're big fans of this audio format, which can be listened to in small or large doses, while doing nothing but listening, tidying up the kitchen or breast-feeding baby, it's up to you. Just before the big departure, we're sharing with you our non-exhaustive list of the 10 best podcasts to listen to on your bouncer, in the shade of the parasol... Spoiler alert: our selection covers all themes, from news to wellbeing and maternity, of course!

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Inspiration: designing a small nursery

The arrival of a baby is often synonymous with change and decoration. Where should you put your baby to sleep, and how should you arrange his or her bedroom, especially when you have a small apartment? Discover our space-saving solutions!

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